"His copy grabs you and holds your attention. He's very good, which is why I've hired him to work on multiple projects." 
(Marvin Carolina Jr., President/CEO, Better Business Bureau)

edward long 

Editor. Proofreader. Writer.


Need content that attracts and holds attention? Content that conveys your message clearly and concisely? Content that informs, explains, or persuades while touting the benefits of your product or service? If so, I can help. 

Competitive Advantage: You're always looking for ways to pull ahead—and stay ahead—of your competitors. Having high-quality content is an easy way to do so.

Enhance Marketing: If your website content and your marketing content don't convey the benefits your product or service offers, and if they don't explain what makes your product or service unique, they're failing you. Every marketing piece should do both.  

High-Quality Content: I'll ensure your content adheres to the rules of grammar, punctuation, style, and usage. I'll also proofread and edit each piece I write. What this means is, your content will be original, error-free, well-written, and mechanically sound.

More Readers: Concise content attracts readers, and my writing is concise, so you will attract more readers than you would have attracted with longer pieces.     

Save Time: Wouldn't your time be better spent doing something besides writing?


Content does more than convey information—it creates an impression in your reader's mind. Based on that impression, they determine if your product or service is good or not. Whether you want to upgrade your content or create new content, I’ll write content that attracts more readers, communicates your unique selling proposition, touts the benefits of your product or service, and makes a positive impression. 


Not sure if your content needs to be revised? Think it only needs tweaking?
Contact me. I'll review your content and tell you how to improve it. 


If you have questions, want a free review, or are ready for me to start on your project, call or e-mail me. Anytime.  


Kansas City, Kansas