Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing

To excel at anything requires talent, study, and practice. It’s no different for writing. You’re a business owner, though, and while you need outstanding content, you have no desire to study writing. You don't have to. And you don't need to hire a professional writer. By following these suggestions, you’ll dramatically improve the quality of your content.

Know Your Reader

Instead of thinking about the hundreds or perhaps thousands of people who’ll read your content, imagine writing to one person. Imagine they're in the room with you as you write, and as questions they might ask come to you, answer them. Your reader may have the same questions. Also, keep in mind if this person is an industry expert or a prospective client with little knowledge of your industry and your product or service, and use jargon and acronyms accordingly.   

Make It Personal

Content conveys information. Good content conveys information and connects with the reader. Compare these sentences:

“If a prospective client visits a website but goes no further than the home page, it likely means there was no emotional connection, so they lost interest.” 

“If a prospective client visits your website but goes no further than your home page, it likely means you’ve failed to connect with them and have lost their interest.”

I appear to be speaking directly to you in the second sentence. This writing style is akin to making eye contact while speaking to someone, and when you use it, you capture their attention.

Get It Out

When you sit down to write, write! Don’t analyze what you're writing, fret over punctuation, or stop to consult a dictionary or thesaurus. Highlight these items and continue. You’ll re-visit them. Thoughts are fleeting, so write them as they come to you. Before they disappear.


Review your draft in search of two things: errors and improvements. Correct misspelled words, incorrect capitalization or punctuation, inconsistencies, and the like; delete sentences that add no additional information; rewrite awkward sentences; and address each item you highlighted.  

Be Concise

Most people talk the way they write. The problem with this is, while a prospective client may endure your long-winded sales pitch, they won’t trudge through content that doesn't interest them. When writing concisely, you resist the temptation to go on-and-on about your product or service and explain just enough to demonstrate your expertise and to pique their interest.  

Use Paragraphs

How do you feel when you open a text or a Facebook comment and it’s one long paragraph? Your reader feels the same way. Break your content into paragraphs. The space between paragraphs gives your reader’s eyes a break the same way a break at work gives you a break. You’re more focused and more energetic after you’ve had a break, and the same is true for your eyes.

A prospective client will make a judgement about your product or service based on the quality of your business content, so it's important you have high-quality content. These suggestions will help you produce that kind of content. Not sure if your content is good? Contact a freelance writer. I’d be happy to review your content and let you know if it's helping your business or not. No charge.