"I posted a job listing but only received 7 responses, so I asked Ed to rewrite it.... All told, the job listing he wrote attracted 125 well-qualified applicants!"
(Mo Bashar, Senior Facility Services Consultant, Unlimited Building Maintenance)


If you want a writer to convey your message powerfully and persuasively, Ed is an excellent choice. He has 18 years of editing, proofreading, and writing experience, and his clients routinely describe him as easy to work with. And his work as exceptional. 

Ed began developing his writing style at The Kansas City Star in 1997, where his eye-catching advertisements brought awards for him and results for his customers. He was one of The Star's highest revenue-generators, and his success eventually brought a promotion.

Ed began writing for the Unified Government in 1999. He wrote for several departments, including the Mayor's Office, writing for then-mayor Carol Marinovich. He primarily wrote for the Department of Development, though, where his development agreements helped revitalize Kansas City's northeast corridor while his federal grant proposals helped bring millions of dollars to Kansas City, Kansas. 

Ed has written for some of the largest companies in Kansas City--H&R Block, JE Dunn Construction, the Kansas City Star--because he's an exceptional writer who works quickly, meets deadline, and produces outstanding copy. Copy that gets his clients results. He also edits. In fact, he's edited a book: Across the Middle: Entrepreneur Strategies for Growth and Success

Ed lives in Kansas City, Kansas, where he was born and raised, and is a University of Kansas graduate.